Individual Coaching

A one size coaching plan does not fit everyone, I provide either a structured or an unstructured coaching plan based upon the outcome of our first strategy call.  I deliver a compassionate, yet direct coaching style. I keep our coaching relevant and action-focused on your achieving goals, developing the tools, insights, and practices you will need most in creating your career breakthrough. I'm much more than just an accountability partner — I am your unwavering reminder of the person you were born to be on this planet.

You are smart, driven, and successful. Coaching leaders such as yourself requires integrity, courage, and agility.  I am a highly seasoned coach, who has worked with successful Business Owners, Entrepreneurs,  Executives, and High Potential Employees around the world and can speak powerfully and credibly with that audience. My coaching involves a Complimentary Strategy Session so that there is a mutual understanding of my coaching style and that it aligns with your specific development needs.

Leadership Coaching

Often clients call us because they need specific support for an individual leader. Sometimes this is a leader new to an organization, an emerging high-potential leader, or one who is struggling with the complexities and challenges of a bigger role. Whatever the case may be, an experienced coach is well-suited to the situation and an expert in helping that leader make rapid and progressive evolutions, all tied to the organization’s strategy and business objectives.

Group Coaching

Traditionally, coaching has been focused on the evolution of individual leaders. I believe the optimal approach for improving leadership behavior in a team setting is through a process where all of the leaders in a system are simultaneously engaged in coaching efforts. I've found this approach lets us focus a team on the behaviors that matter most to succeed against their strategy. It also creates a context for leaders to support each other consciously in a shared and reciprocal process of change. This approach allows your leadership team to Elevate Beyond to Elite Performance.

Business Coaching

Consulting means different things to different people. For me, it is about being a trusted advisor that helps clients chart and walk the path to sustained success. I am not a solution looking for a problem—I see every leader and situation as unique. My custom-tailored consulting engagements are based on deep listening and decades of experience across industries and issues. The solutions I craft are practical, realistic, and highly effective. I pride myself on being seasoned and multidisciplinary, that can thoughtfully guide, support, and motivate leaders and organizations to achieve levels of performance they never have before.