Certified High Performance Coaching Program

In a world where success is often measured by accolades and material achievements, we often overlook the true essence of a fulfilling life - the art of high performance living. Imagine a life where you effortlessly excel in every aspect, where you feel unstoppable, and where you consistently achieve your goals.

It's not a distant dream, but a reality within your grasp. But how can you elevate your performance to elevate your life? How can you tap into your full potential and unlock the secret to living your best life?

Experience the transformative power of high performance coaching, unveiling the strategies, mindset shifts, and habits that will propel you towards greatness. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and unleashing your true potential. Are you ready to take the first step towards a life of exceptional achievement and fulfillment? Let's unlock the art of high performance living.

What You will Learn during
Certified High Performance Coaching

High performance is the pursuit of reaching one's highest levels of performance and potential in all areas of life. It is about excelling and succeeding over the long term, maintaining success, energy, and flow. It is not just about achieving peak performance for a short period, but rather sustaining a heightened level of performance and potential. High performers experience the "Charged Life" where their relationships, career, and passions thrive. The goal is not perfection, but rather excellence and consistently staying at a high level. High performance is characterized by five qualities: clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. By cultivating these qualities, anyone can become a high performer in their chosen field.

12 sessions that help you reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

These sessions can be completed in the following formats:

Done For You - This self-paced course over 12 weeks will take your performance to new heights quickly reaching your personal and professional goals.

Small Group Coaching (Max of 10 participants) - This program is more personalized than the done for you course,  offering you the opporunity to learn in a smaller group.  You will have group Q & A sessions once a month. You may contact me directly through the app to answer your questions or provide you with additional resources.

One-on-One Coaching is the most personalized and will provide you the fastest path to reach your goals

Common Concerns High Performers Come To Me With

  1. Work-Life Balance: Balancing demanding work responsibilities with personal life and well-being is a common concern.
  2. Personal Development: They may worry about continuing to develop professionally and staying relevant in their field.
  3. Decision-Making: Executives often have to make tough decisions that impact the company and worry about making the right choices.
  4. Stress and Burnout: The high-pressure nature of their roles can lead to stress and burnout, which they may worry about.
  5. Health and Wellness: They may worry about maintaining good physical and mental health, as well as work-life integration.

It's important to note that these concerns are not exhaustive, and each individual like yourself have your own unique worries based on their specific circumstances and responsibilities.  Book a Complimentary Strategy Session with me by click the button below.

What Makes Elevate Beyond Unique To Overcome These Challenges

I offer a personalized and holistic approach to address the concerns of leaders of today and tomorrow like yourself, specifically in the areas of work-life balance, personal development, decision-making, stress and burnout, and health and wellness.  While there are so many other areas my coaching assists with, I want to share how my coaching helps with overcoming these challenges that my clients bring to me most often.  No coaching program should be 12 weeks, and then provide nothing to continue your growth unless you fork up $1,000's more.  I built the Elevate Beyond App for this purpose, as it allows me to provide long term growth to my clients with the ability to continue coaching sessions on your terms when things you need guidance arrive.

  1. Work-Life Balance: I provide strategies and techniques to help you effectively manage their time, set boundaries, and prioritize tasks, enabling them to achieve a harmonious balance between their demanding work responsibilities and personal life.
  2. Personal Development: Through my coaching, I empower you to identify your strengths, areas for growth, and professional goals. I then provide guidance and support to help you develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset to stay relevant in your field and continually grow both personally and professionally.
  3. Decision-Making: I offer a structured approach to decision-making, equipping you with tools to assess risks, evaluate options, and make informed and confident decisions that align with your  objectives. I help you navigate through complex scenarios, ensuring you make the right choices that positively impact the areas most important to you.
  4. Stress and Burnout: I focus on helping you identify and manage stress triggers, develop resilience, and implement self-care practices. I provide techniques to reduce stress levels, improve work-life balance, and prevent burnout, enabling you to perform at you best while maintaining your well-being.
  5. Health and Wellness: I emphasize the importance of physical and mental health in achieving peak performance. Through my coaching, you will gain insights into effective strategies for maintaining good health, managing energy levels, and integrating wellness practices into your daily routine. I provide guidance on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and stress management techniques to support your overall well-being.

The Value Of My Coaching Extends Past A 12-Week Program

Your Coaching Package provides you access to an Exclusive Elevate Beyond Membership Area within the Elevate Beyond App.  Here are a few ways this exclusive membership will enhance our coaching, and help you build upon the things you learned over the long term.  As a coaching client you will have access to this area for one (1) year following our second session.  This membership (Current Value of $10,000 and growing) contains curated courses, coaching and a community of fellow high achievers.  PLUS, you can reach me directly through the app to answer questions, request additional content and have access to the same exclusive membership offers those who pay for the app get.    Here is a short list of the significant value you get for the year:

  1. Mindset Development: Your membership to the app will offer resources, tools, and practices to help you to continue to cultivate a growth mindset, resilience, and a positive outlook. This can empower them to overcome challenges, embrace change, and approach your work  and life with a solution-oriented mindset.
  2. Leadership Skills Enhancement: Your app will provide you with valuable content and guidance on leadership development, including topics such as effective communication, strategic thinking, decision-making, and team management. You will  learn new techniques and gain insights to enhance your leadership capabilities and inspire your team.
  3. High-Performance Strategies: Through your membership to the app, you get ongoing access strategies and practices to optimize your performance. This includes time management techniques, productivity hacks, goal-setting frameworks, and stress management tools. By adopting these strategies, you can improve your efficiency, focus, and overall performance.
  4. Networking and Community: Your membership to the app will provide a platform for you to connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and build valuable networks. This community aspect offers support, collaboration opportunities, and learning through peer-to-peer interactions.
  5. Personalized Coaching and Support: Your membership to the app will offer personalized coaching sessions at a discounted rate, which allows me to personalize additional content only available to you, providing you with individualized guidance and support to address their specific challenges and goals. This one-on-one support can be highly valuable in helping you overcome obstacles and achieve your short and long term goals.
  6. Access to Expertise: Your membership to the app will feature master level content based on experts, thought leaders, and industry influencers whose knowledge and insights have changed millions of lives. This access to mastery level content can broaden your perspectives, keeping you updated on areas of imporvement based on industry trends, and provide valuable insights and advice.



Session 1


  • The goal of this session is to discover where you currently focus your attention, what level of agency or control you currently feel in your life, and what habits help you perform at your highest level and which ones hinder you from reaching high performance.
Session 2


  • The goal of this session is to understand where you have strengths and gaps in the amount of clarity you experience in  life. We work to create a clear vision of your best self. To do so, we define who you want to be, how you want to interact with others, and what life principles and practices will make you most successful. This gives you immediate, behavioral-driven clarity and intentionality so you move forward more quickly.
Session 3


  • In this session our goal is to understand how much energy you have each day and how to amplify it to higher levels so you have the vibrancy and stamina needed to achieve your goals and live a fully charged life. We strive to find ways for you to gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate daily.
Session 4


  • The goal of this session is to discuss where you feel you’ve been confident and courageous in life and in what situations you might be holding back or backing down. You receive insights and tools to help you gain confidence, decisiveness, and momentum.
Session 5


  • The goal of this session is to see how productive and effective you feel in life and work and to give you a set of tools and concepts to help you quickly and easily improve those areas. The focus is on helping you immediately become more effective and productive every day.
Session 6


  • The goal of this session is to gauge how influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career. You'll receive a few tools and learn concepts that will raise your level of action and immediately help you become more influential in your relationships and career.
Session 7


  • Now, at the program's half-way point, we begin to delve deeper into the six pillars of high performance: your psychology, physiology, persuasive skills, presence, and purpose.
  • The goal of this session is to develop a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind. Simply said, you learn how to create a high-performance mindset.
Session 8


  • The goal of this session is to check on your energy and physiology work from Session 3. You recieve more tools to help you activate your physiology in ways that make you feel even stronger and more vibrant and that help you gain even more energy.
Session 9


  • The goal of this session is to review how productive you have been since we began working together so we can look at the ways in which you can become even more effective. We look carefully at how you can cut out distracting activities and, in this way, level up your ability to reach your goals.
Session 10


  • In this session we gauge how persuasive and influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career and target areas in which you can be more persuasive. You will learn tools to help you improve your level of persuasion so you make a positive impact.
Session 11


  • This is your second to last session in the program. At this point, we deep dive specifically into the topic of purpose for the first time, although this pillar of high performance underlies much of the work we have done to date. This session focuses on gauging how well you have been living and leading in a purposeful manner.
Session 12


  • In this final session we check in on your performance and define your best areas for commitment and discipline moving forward. These are your next steps to continue your journey to achieve your potential and fulfill your purpose. High performers are committed to lifelong discipline and mastery in the six pillars: psychology, physiology, productivity, persuasive skill, and purpose.